Alberta Association of Professional Paralegals

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Our President continues to attended workshops and Sector Lead meetings in a collaborative effort with other legal stake holders in Alberta to share information and ideas.  RFJS Working Committees are now developing prototypes in the areas of Triage, Educating the Public and Conflict Resolution: Educating the Young People.

We are currently using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and our Blog to raise awareness of our Association and share articles relating to access to justice and other topics.  LinkedIn is a great resource for reaching out to colleagues and encouraging them to join AAPP. 

For protection of the public our members work under the supervision of a lawyer.  Membership can be confirmed by contacting the Board of Directors at:

There is currently no Alberta law governing paralegals and therefore no regulatory body to which the public can report unethical behaviour or dissatisfaction. It’s “buyer beware” so due diligence is needed before hiring someone.  Paralegals are not permitted to give legal advice - only a lawyer is allowed to (Law Society of Alberta)

Providing assistance and support for Alberta's Paralegals